Is it safe to buy Instagram followers?

Is buying Instagram followers a safe transaction? It is one of the most frequently asked questions by many Instagram users. Buying Instagram followers is a safe transaction as long as you don’t share your “password and email” information. If you are specifically asking whether it is safe or not, the main problems such as “hacking or account theft” arise from phishing techniques. If you have purchased Instagram followers without giving your account information to the company or entering your Instagram username and password on a website outside of Instagram, then there should be no problem. However, one common mistake that many users make is entering their Instagram username and password into panels when buying followers.

Although buying Instagram followers is a safe transaction, sharing your password with someone else can expose you to security issues.

When buying Instagram followers, for the sake of your security, do not share the following information under any circumstances:

  • Do not share the SMS code received on your phone with anyone else.
  • Do not provide your Instagram password to individuals or companies alongside your username.
  • Do not enter your username and password together into the follower purchasing panel.
  • Do not enter your username and password into a post received in your email.

After paying attention to the above points, buying or boosting Instagram followers will not lead to your account being hacked. However, with advancing technology, some websites create a lot of trust and manage to obtain users’ passwords. They persuade users to enter their passwords. We recommend that you never share your account password with anyone.

Do not enter your username and password for your account on Instagram-like websites that arrive in your email. Your accounts can be taken away from you through phishing tactics.

After buying followers for your Instagram account, if your account has been compromised or hacked, ask yourself if you have fallen into any of the above-mentioned traps.

Buying Instagram followers is a safe transaction as long as you don’t share your password. However, as we mentioned, if the purchase of followers is detected and banned by Instagram, it may result in the suspension of your account. Therefore, we advise you not to exaggerate the process of buying followers.

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