What is XML?


XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. It is a markup language created for the purpose of providing ease of reading for users and operating systems. It is a W3C standard and enables not only data storage but also data exchange between systems.

XML has a similar structure to HTML in terms of formatting. However, it uses different parameters to define data. It not only works in data editors but can also function as a data editor itself if desired.

An intermediary program is required to execute an XML file. The most commonly used program worldwide for this purpose is Microsoft Excel. Excel program is downloaded to the operating system, and then all XML files can be easily utilized.

Source: XML – Wikipedia

What Is XML Used For?

The main purpose of XML is to store and transfer data. Thanks to this feature, many software applications today use XML files for data exchange with other software. Additionally, XML is not a database itself, as it does not provide random data access.

XML also holds great significance in Office programs. The underlying structure of the most popular Office programs is created using the XML language. The most important factor contributing to its widespread use is the ability of XML to separate structure and content. So, what are the other advantages provided by XML? This question can be answered in a few points.

It separates data from HTML, making it easier to display and edit HTML data.
XML simplifies data exchange and provides centralized usage in computers filled with incompatible formats.
It minimizes platform switching by preserving content while transferring data to a new program.
It increases the availability of data. The fact that different applications can access data sources via XML is an indicator of this.
XML allows the creation of new internet languages. As a result, many different internet languages have been created today. XHTML, WSDL, WAP, RSS, and RDF are among the most popular languages created by XML.

In this way, we have answered the question “What is XML?” in detail.

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