What is a domain?

What is a Domain?

A domain, also known as a domain name, is the online equivalent and address of a website. When a user wants to access a website without a domain name, they use an IP address. However, IP addresses are composed of complex numerical algorithms. For more detailed information on this topic, you can check our article titled ‘What is an IP Address?’. Considering the millions of websites today, it is impossible for users to remember these numbers. That’s why we need domains.

IP addresses can be compared to building door numbers, while domains can be likened to the names given to these buildings. In any case, building names will be more memorable when asking for an address.

There is a common misconception that domains are bought. However, this is an incorrect approach. Domain names are a concept that can be leased, not bought. Domain names are subject to a renewal requirement, with a maximum of ten years and a minimum of one year. They can be registered for up to 10 years. Additionally, each country has its own domain extension. Turkey’s extension is determined as ‘tr’. The rules and accreditation for obtaining domain names with this extension are organized by the BTK (Information and Communication Technologies Authority), and these domain names are accredited for a maximum of 5 years.

Source: Alan Adı

How to Check a Domain?

When leasing a domain, the first thing to do is to check the availability of the domain name. Because each domain name can only be leased to one person in the world. It is not possible to lease an active domain. Therefore, before setting up a website, users first check the availability of the domain name. So, how is domain checking done? Here are the details…

There are many websites today where domain name checking can be done. Both global and local domain name checking sites are available. After the check is performed, the availability status of the desired domain is shown. If it is already in use, alternative domain suggestions are provided. If the domain is available, it can be leased through these sites.

However, it should be noted that domains obtained from here are not included for lifetime use. They must be renewed at certain intervals. Otherwise, the domain may become available and be registered by other users.

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